Classic Bibanesi
Classic Bibanesi
Classic Bibanesi

Classic Bibanesi

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The union between tradition and excellent raw materials

Small breadsticks shaped and delicately hand stretched. Here are the Bibanesi with their unmistakable fragrance, donated by those who have been making bread for four generations.
The dough obtained from high quality flour Is mixed with extra virgin olive oil and then kneaded manually after a lengthy leavening stage of 18 hours: the famous leavening procedure characterizes our regional artisan traditions.
Rigorously devoid of preservatives or chemical additives, Bibanesi are a result of a careful research of flavours and wide experimentation realised attentively using selected ingredients by those who love natural ingredients.


The addition of a sprinkle of sesame seeds enriches the unique flavour. Bibanesi are distinguished from any other quality bread or traditional breadsticks thanks to this particular procedure.
They are appreciated by the packaging that guarantees freshness, and the resulting is a light and nutritious food


Wheat flour
Extra virgin olive oil (12%)
Sea salt
Malt extract (barley, wheat)
Malted cereals flour (barley, wheat)
Sesame seeds on surface (0.2%)
May contain traces of soy
Allergy Warning: contains wheat, barley, and sesame seeds